The Future Of Computer Certification Exams

The architecture and adversity of computer acceptance exams is consistently changing. If I took my aboriginal acceptance assay (Novell NetWare 3.1x CNA, January 1997), there was no such affair as a actor question, and my applied abilities absolutely were not tested. The exams again were abundant added on memorization.

One agency that helped accomplish up for that was that the Novell exams were adaptive. If you absent a catechism on a accurate topic, you would abide to be asked questions about that affair until you got it right. You couldn’t allow to be anemic in any topic, because the assay would a lot of acceptable acquisition that out and accumulate hitting you with questions on that affair until you failed.

Adding to the stress, afterwards a assertive amount of questions your assay could end at any time. You had no abstraction how abounding questions you would get, just that you would get at atomic 15. Every time you hit the “next” button afterwards catechism 15, you didn’t apperceive if you’d get addition catechism or if the assay would al of a sudden end and accord you a canyon or abort response.

Times accept changed. Cisco has led the way in introducing actor questions to their exams, area the applicant is presented with a simulation of a router or arrangement and asked to accomplish tasks that anyone who is accessible to acquire that acceptance should be able to perform. This is a abundant bigger analysis of adequacy than the exams were eight years ago.

What will be the next “big jump” in computer acceptance exams? To acquire the world’s a lot of difficult abstruse certification, the CCIE, the applicant accept to aboriginal canyon a accurate 100-question accomplishment exam, and accept to again canyon a applied lab exam. The applicant is presented with an burdensome set of arrangement requirements and accept to body that arrangement on a pod of Cisco routers and switches in beneath than eight hours.

This is just claimed assessment and not “insider information”, but I accept the day will appear if the CCNA, CCNP, and added Cisco certifications will crave some affectionate of hands-on applied lab to acquire the certification. What bigger way to analysis adequacy than to accept to accomplish tasks on absolute Cisco equipment? There would be added aerial for Cisco with this affectionate of testing, back lab accessories and lab proctors would be needed, but the already-prized CCNA and CCNP would become that abundant added admired in the abode if administration knew that to acquire that certification, the job applicant had to canyon a hands-on exam.

This would account the candidates as well, back it would do an even bigger job in attention their investment in time and money. This could aswell be the next footfall in ferretting out candidates who try to get accomplished the CCNA and CCNP exams via braindumps. As I consistently acquaint my acceptance and customers, if you’re continuing in foreground of that router or switch, there is no assorted best … you either apperceive it or you don’t!

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